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  • Airén

    The most characteristic white grape of the South Plateau, the most abundant of Spain, and leads a group of white Hispanic strains (Cayetana, Zalamea, Pardina and also in some sense Palomino and Macabeo) that are characterized by their low aromatic expression and low acidity.

    The variety Airén, also called Valdepeñera in some areas, is a strain of creeping size and vigorous trunk, with pentagonal leaves of strong green color and average size. The clusters are large in size and loose. The grapes are thick, spherical and of regular coloring.

    Airén is a rustic and strong variety, which allows very short prunings and produces quality wines if properly cultivated, harvested early and elaborated. It gives to wines neutral and smooth, without much relief. It is the majority in the most typical red wines from La Mancha. This variety has a priority presence in Valdepeñas and La Mancha. In the past it was considered a neutral grape, without great olfactory and gustatory qualities. It suggests aromas of bananas. Nowadays, thanks to the introduction of modern techniques of winemaking, it has taken more advantage of it giving a frank but somewhat acidic wines, with fruity aromas with souvenirs of bananas, fresh, easy to drink

  • Albariño

    White grape native to Galicia, and the main crop in the DO Rias Baixas. Probably they were monks of Cluny in the twelfth century, who spread the cultivation of this grape, possible Germanic origin, from the monastery Armenteira, in the region of Pontevedra O Salnés. Every year on the first Sunday of August is celebrated the Feast of Albariño in Cambados, the capital of this white wine.

    The white Albariño grape variety is very sensitive to mildew and unfavorable climatic situations in the wafers.

    The strain has semialçats vine. The grapes ripening early and effective means, is a small-sized, compact, with a loose shoulder pyramid. The berry is small in size, spherical with a thick husk green-yellow dotted with freckles.

    The must of the variety Albariño need cold maceration. It has a good alcohol and glycerin, and also has a high acidity, making the wines achieved a long lifespan, concentrated and envelopes.

    Albariño white wine is a wine of yellow hues, pulling the straw, with golden and green sparkles. Fruity aromas and elegant. On the palate, fresh wines are soft bodied and balanced with alcohol, ample nuances. The young white wine Albariño from Galicia is ideal as an aperitif and seafood house with little seasoned.

  • Cariñena blanca

    The white Carignan is found in Roselló and L'Empordà and is a variety of the oldest. Currently there are several wines made with this variety, but it is not yet officially recognized by the DO Empordà. At the aromatic level it is austere and serious, remember the citrus fruit and the white fruit, even the grape. In the mouth it is fresh and wide and it is understood wonderfully with wood.

  • Cartoixà
  • Chardonnay

  • Chenin

    Produce grapes suitable for all types of wines: sweet, dry, sparkling. His finest examples come from the Loire Valley, especially the sweet Coteaux du Layon or Bonnezeaux and dry minerals Savenières. Its acidity produces fantastic sparkling wines such as Vouvray. Lime, citrus and honey aromas are typical of Chenin. Fill the mouth and transmits the minerality of the terroir.

  • Grenache

  • Gray Grenache

    Also known as red hackberry, it is an autochthonous variety of the Empordà. It is a cluster of pink skin that gives little color, qualified as a target for DO. Mostly pink and white wines are made. It is also used to make Garnacha del Empordà. It has more body than the white grenache, which often accompanies. The most common aromas are citrus and hay.

  • Gewurztraminer

    Variety native of Tyrol Italian (pending) spicy aromas (gerwürz). Shown teeming in Alsace, which offers some of the most aromatic wines in the world. Lychee, rose and white pepper aromas are among the most caracterítiques. Only with a good balance between sweetness and acidity displays all its virtues. Their wines are voluptuous and terpènics not Diex one indifferent.

  • Godello
  • Hondarribi zuri

    Variety of white grape originating in the Basque Country and the most important of the Txacolí Denomination of Origin of Getaria-Getariako Txakolina, with which the Txacolí wine is produced, a word that comes from the Arabian jackals and which means a wine that presents "weakness and lightness ".

    Of good fertility, it admits short prunings and is instead susceptible to mildew and botrytis, although being of late budding does not present risk of spring frost. It is usually obtained low yields, although with sufficient hours of sun can complete a good maturation, a complicated matter because in the area where this variety is cultivated (Basque Country, Navarra) the rainfall is very high, and try to find the best orientation Solar and one that favors a quick drying of the clusters after the rains.

    It is semi-fast and its long tendrils, presenting a cluster of small compact size, spherical berries and round amber yellow, so their yields are low.

    Depending on the yields, with limited productions of optimum products, low acidity. Indicated for the production of young wines with carbonic maceration. It admits aging in oak barrels, with good results. Adequately harvested allows the production of wines of excellent quality.

    This variety produces light, acid and carbonic wines, with delicate citrus aromas and vegetable notes and flowers, pale yellow.

    This grape is the base of the Basque wines known under the Denominations of Origin Chacolí de Guetaría and Vizcaya. The variety Hondarribi zuri is the white, majority in Guetaría (Guipúzcoa). It brings to the vivacity wines because of its characteristic acidity and citrus aromas (grapefruit, lime / lemon). A wine that is fresh and easy to drink.

  • L. Manzoni
  • Lledoner White
  • LLedoner Roig
  • Loureiro
  • Macabeu

    It extends by Catalonia and La Rioja mainly, but also can be found in Navarra, Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha. It is used by the Parellada and Xarel.lo in the making of cava. The wine it produces are acidic and dry. It has aromas of apple and peach and cucumber notes.

  • Malvasia

    With the malvasia something similar happens that the Muscat. This word designates a family of grapes within which we can find different varieties. Malvasia from Sitges is aromatic and perfumed (flowers and honey) and can produce both dry and more traditional sweet wines. In contrast, the variety subirat parent (Malvasia Rioja) is less aromatic and works better in coupages or fermented in casks.

  • Montónega

    This has always been regarded as a submanifold of Parellada, but has some distinctive features that make it especially interesting:

    - Grape size smaller and compact.
    - Major smaller, a little blonde in a color close to the maturation phases that? S less swell in the last stages of maturity if there is sudden rainfall.
      - How Parellada is a variety adapted to cold climates makes fresh and delicate wine if grown in this climate.
    - Higher degree and less production.

  • muscatel

    It can be found in Alicante, Canary Islands, Malaga and Valencia. It is used in the production of sweet or sweet wines for its high sweetness. Aromas of melon, ripe pineapple, grapefruit and orange blossom.

  • Muscat
  • Pansa blanca
  • Parellada

    It is understood by Catalonia. Dota wine low alcohol content and fruity aromas. It is part of the classic blend of cava.

  • Pedro Ximénez

    Pedro Ximénez is a grape variety that is morphologically round, with fine skin, almost transparent, delicate and very sensitive to humid climates. For this reason, the variety of Pedro Ximénez grape has stopped being cultivated in other frames refreshed by marine coastal breezes. Seasonal dew rot easily.

    It finds its ideal habitat in dry and hot climates where it provides generous wines with great finesse and high natural alcoholic strength. Polifacetica is also the exclusive raw material of the exquisite sweet wine that bears its name, also known as Pedro Jiménez or Pedro Ximén, depending on which area of Andalusia. He is very sensitive to the mighty and the rotten. It requires aerated, deep, dry soils rich in calcium carbonate.

  • Picapoll

    Variety of autochthonous grapes from Pla de Bages, where 96% is grown. The picapoll cluster has some spots or "picadas" that give it its name. Of this variety are the aromas of flowers (jasmine), fruits (grapefruit, lemon and apricot) and grass. The picapoll wine is light, fruity, with a fresh aroma, with a splendid texture and personality and a spicy citric acidity that would also explain its name

  • Riesling

    One of the great clusters of the world. In Germany, it offers its best examples: wines with high acidity and minerality that age dramatically. The high Penedès and the Costers del Segre is quite comfortable. It offers citrus wines, delicious touch (when the sweet-acid balance is right), elegant and with character. Sweet wines are also obtained that with time turn golden and very concentrated.

  • Sauvignon Blanc

    Of French origin, it is grown mainly in the OJ. Penedès, Rueda and Somontano. Gives wine its aromas and wild vegetables.

  • Subirat Parent
  • Tempranillo
  • Txakoli
  • Verdejo

    Verdejo is a white grape, considered original of Rueda, implanted there by the mozárabes. This is a high quality grape. The vine is of horizontal bearing and vigorous trunk. Small to medium berries, usually spherical or elliptic short and yellow, their nuggets are usually rather large, highlighting the candle when observing the grape. It is usually treated alone, in single-varietal wines. It produces very aromatic wines, with soft and glycemic bodies. Good acidity and characteristic bitter touch. It is also called: Gallo Blanco Button, Gouveio, Verdeja, Verdelho.

  • Viognier

    The Viognier white grape variety, originally from the Rhone, at Condrieu, is grown very little even in its place of origin, but with greater success in Languedoc-Roussillon (France), California, New Zealand and Australia. In Spain we can find it in Andalusia, Castilla La Mancha, Murcia and the Balearic Islands.
    Of difficult cultivation, low production and very late maturation, which causes that the price of the grape rises, it is necessary prunings long for its correct fructification. The size of the strain is semi-fast, the cluster compact and cylindrical, and the berry is small to medium and with a greenish-yellow color.
    Their wines, like those made with Gewürztraminer grapes, are rich in alcohol (they can reach up to 15º) and low acidity, with a silky texture due to their high glycerin content, and a golden-yellow color that invites them to drink them young boys. It has a high fruity aroma to mango, apple, melon, and especially peach and apricot, with floral notes of magnolia and honeysuckle, and a touch of vanilla.

  • Viura
  • Xarel.lo

    Own Catalonia and Balearic Islands, resulting in little aromatic, balanced and with a certain structure and consistency in the mouth with bitter feelings wines. Variety is the star of the O.D. Penedés, but also it excels at O.D. Alella and is present in Tarragona, Montsant, Priorat, Costers del Segre and the Binissalem Mallorca. Formerly it was used only to develop but today start digging into fashion the monovarietales.

  • Xarel.lo Vermell
  • Treixadura
  • Torrontés
  • Costat
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    Cava 100x100 natural, without added liquor, with a minimum aging of 2 years. Pale shade with greenish reflections. Fruity aromas Perfect cougape of traditional varieties.

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    Alcohol degree 13.8%To accompany pasta, rice, fish, etc.  Straw yellow colorAroma white, floral and citrus fruitSmooth, soft, sweet and fresh on the palateVarieties Carinyena, Garnacha and MacabeoVineyards over 30 years oldFermented and macerated in stainless steel tubs

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    Tasting: Fresh, Extraordinary, Sweet, Powerful, Original, Dry, Pear, Orange, Plum77veremes is a wine homage to Miquel Pons,  wine grower and founder of the winery, with more than 77 harvests under his belt, has gently touched each bunch of grapes by his own hands until they reach the cellar. DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN: D.O. Penedès.VARIETIES: Xarel·lo....

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    Varieties: Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada.20 months of aging in cavaGolden color, with fruity and fresh aromas, roasted touches of yeast and nuts.Elegant and thin bubbleGreat maridatje with raw fish, cooked or in sauce, with seafood, smoked, soups, creams, fresh cheeses, gratinated vegetables, and perfect for Iberian pork or accompanied.

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    Viña Meín (Leiro, Ourense) WHITE WINE 60% Treixadura, 40% Godello, Albariño, Loureira, Torrontés and LadoResurgence of the Treixadura, the main variety of this wine, accompanied by other quality white varieties.In its elaboration, stainless steel, concrete, French oak barrels and foudres are combined. To get a wine profile that makes us think of...

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    100% Chardonnay 24 months in boot This cava is only made in the best vintages from the flower must of the Chardonnay variety. Golden color and majestic crown. Notes of white furta, vine peach and ripe apple, together with honey, orange and toasted bread (characteristic for its long aging). Fresh and with a fantastic creaminess. Aromas of ripe fruits,...

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